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This beautiful thali is full of exotic foods...
Had this in Jakhoi, which is a surprisingly beautiful restaurant located in Assam Bhawan in New Delhi. Its called Parampara thali and costed Rs.500 odd plus the taxes.

The menu described the items as :

Kharisa - Grated bamboo shoot fermented in water seasoned with Mustard oil and red chillies.

Kharoli Dry - mustard paste mixed with mustard oil and soda-bicarbonate.

Kahudi Dry - mustard paste mixed with mustard oil and tamarind.

Fish Tenga - Tangy fish curry cooked with vegetables and lemon juice..

Steamed Fish - Fish cooked over charcoal and wrapped in plantain leaves.

Duck Curry - Duck curry prepared with ground spices.

Vegetable Fry - Dry friend seasonal vegetables..

Pitika - mashed potatoes seasoned with mustard oil and coriander leaves.

Dal - Boiled lentil seasoned with onion, coriander leaves etc.

Khar - vegetable prepetration with soda bicarbonate

Rice - steam flavored rice - joha.

Mahor Guri - Powdered gram lentils seasoned with salt, lemon juice and chillies.

Welcome Drink

Dessert - Thick Cream with Assamese puffed rice (hurum) preperation - & liquid jaggery.