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Unlimited Sushi & Dimsum Lunch at Nom Nom, Hotel Ashok (Click to read more)
Inspired by a post by fellow Foodiye member, went for lunch at Nom Nom - oriental restaurant of Hotel Ashok which is situated bang in the center of Diplomatic corridors of New Delhi.

I have been there earlier and realised that its one of the super expensive places, but then what else did I expect from a fine dine restaurant located inside a Five Star hotel. Given its price point they do a very tempting offer in their lunch hours - Rs. 1100 ++ for a dimsum lunch and Rs.1600 ++ for Sushi as well Dimsum lunch. both the options come with choice of one main course and dessert - while the Sushi one has an additional Mocktail on offer. We opted for 1 sushi lunch and 1 dimsum one - paid approx Rs.3500 with all the taxes and service charge.

The menu gives your 6 sushi roll options (3 veg and 3 non-veg) including California roll, Prawn tempura, and salmon cheese rolls. In Dimsums there were 8 options again 4 on each side and included - Cheddar & Spinach, Veg Cheese Corn, Beetroot (skin), Chicken & Water Chestnuts, Crystal Prawns amongst other. Main-Course had 4 options and we chose Khao Suey & Nasi Goreng while in desserts Black Sesame Panna Cotta with Apricot Sorbet was our first choice and second one being the Tiramisu.

Sushi rolls were as fresh as they can be, rolled almost right infront of us came with plenty of wasabi and gari - absolutely loved gorging on them. Cheddar and Spinach dimsum was quite smashing - maybe because I love cheese - also enjoyed most other variety bassing the chicken ones.

Main course was quite a disappointment. Nasi Goreng felt like fried rice in shrimp paste, something that roadside van can do better, really lacked the punch that one associates with the dish. Khow Suey once again reminded us of the Red Thai Curry in color, texture as well as taste.

Disheartened by the main-courses we ordered our desserts with lot of skepticism however they turned out to be absolute show stoppers. Tiramisu being one of the best that Delhi has to offer - Bitter, slightly sweet, Juicy and not overflowing with creaminess - just the right texture. My advice - enjoy and savor in small bites. The second dessert was one of the most unique desserts that I have had in delhi - a hard to explain combination of flavors which just seemed to work, specially for someone who loves nuts and sesame.

All in all an amazing experience with very attentive service staff who actually ensure your table is overflowing with food. A super value for money deal for an establishment of this category. Just ensure that you skip the main-courses to binge on those Dimsums and Sushis and then close it off with beautiful desserts,.