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Any coffee lovers around? Rate the chains as per the defined criteria..
Who serves the best coffee out these popular chains in India?

1. Barista.
2. Cafe Coffee Day
3. Starbucks
4. Costa Coffee.

Feel free to rate them on

* Quality of service.
* Ambiance.
* Value for Money.
* Quality of coffee as it is.
  • Kriti Starbucks and costa coffee!
  • Mayank Prakash Starbucks (by a big margin), then CCD, Costa and Barista (worst)
  • Shashank Aggarwal Starbucks seems to be the hot favorite as of now.

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  • Anuradha Gupta Costa Coffee is close but I hate places that have dirty washrooms! Have stopped going to Costa for this single reason!
  • Suprapta Ghosh Although I am a chai addict, yet for me COSTA to some extent is good. Starbucks in India is nowhere the Starbucks you find abroad.
  • Simran Sharma Costa . Starbucks taste in india is not really the starbucks taste and quality internationally . They do win in ambience and service though .
  • Priyanka Dey Costa

    Ccd has degraded in terms of the coffee, the accompaniments, the service! Costa makes great coffees esp Americano and espresso while
    Starbucks doesn't. It does better with lattes and cold coffees. Barista is tad better than Starbucks but then they're all the same.
  • Mayank Prakash Quality of service and ambiance is quite inconsistent between various outlets of CCD and Barista. Costa is somewhat better on this front. But again Starbucks has a huge lead:)
  • Rakita Bedi Costa Coffee
  • Darpan Gandhi Starbucks
  • Manmeet chadha Starbucks, Costa Coffee close second, Ccd, Batista a distant fourth.
    Note: Whenever I order a large coffee at COSTA, always ask them to get a soup spoon. The thing is so bl...dy big. Like the service at Ccd Lounge.