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Paneer Tikka for Rs. 2500 at Bukhara
Yup! that is the cost of the thing - maybe not exactly Rs.2500 but still Rs.1900 odd plus some taxes. Was it worth it? Well when you talk about luxury and fine dine - you do not talk about value for money. Rules to keep life simple.

Coming to the dish itself - subtle is the word I would use for this version at Bukhara. Being resident of Delhi, Paneer Tikka is our around the corner dish and most of us have tried way too many variants of the same. Compared to your usual Paneer Tikkas, this one is one was simple.

The portion comes with 4 pieces, and quality of the paneer is top notch. Marination is extremely subtle and allows for the flavor of cottage cheese itself to shine through. Perfect as per the style of cooking, Bukhara as a restaurant is proponent of.

We tasted this and other dishes on #SmallTable curated by me at Bukhara.
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