#AmritsariKulcha - I bet you couldn't have imagined one like this..
Was in chandigarh over the weekend and after a night of booze, mornings do bring a heavy desire for gluttony. On top of that when someone mentions Amritsari Kulcha, then there is no way to control those primal urges that come from your tummy..

Though an Amritsari item, however Chandigarh or Panchkula to be specific has couple of vendors that sell a very good version of the same, much better than what you can get in Delhi. Afterall, Chandigarh is half way to Amrtisar from Delhi you see..

What came as a surprise was the Kulchas that menu of "Amrtisari Kulcha AC Haveli" offered - Mushroom Kulcha, Cheese (not paneer) Kulcha, Dal Kulcha among the regular onion, aloo and paneer ones.

We ordered a paneer and dal one. The dal one came with stuffing of dal inside and on top layered with the crispy fried dal that you usual eat for snack of namkeen, making for a VERY unique texture.

Chhole were a bit on the darker side, chutney nice - however they should have been on more free flowing side - the servers were a bit stingy with these two condiments compared to their Amrtisari counterparts.

Overall the taste and texture did impress us and if you like your Kulcha / Naan or experiment with your food in general then this is a MUST try.

Once again search for Amritsari Kulcha AC Haveli in Panchkula - Its not very far from the road that connects Zirakpur to Himalayan Expressway, that leads to Kasauli, Shimla and beyond.