Unlike any other Pav Bhaji in Delhi
Pav Bhaji at newly opened Imly restaurant in Delhi is killer to say the least!! The pavs are brought in daily from Mumbai itself and flavour of bhaji is phenomenal.
Costs only 85 bucks!! You have to have to try this here!!

This by far is the best one in the city!!
  • Shashank Aggarwal This is the BEST Pao Bhaji in Delhi. PERIOD.
  • Nooram Chawla Where is this?
  • Anuradha Gupta Check the description!! Imly, Rajender Nagar!
  • Anuradha Gupta [184492,Shashank Aggarwal] : Agree - I can go back for this anytime ;)
  • Shashank Aggarwal [187160,Varun Puri] - congratulations for cracking this one. :D
  • Deepa Gupta Varun Puri is another Priyank sukhija in the making...LCA,imli...and next is ??
  • Shashank Aggarwal hehe! [187160,Varun Puri] - what is the next one called bro? Molecular?
  • Anuradha Gupta [185865,Aradhana Gupta] add this to your list!
  • Shovit singh But what is the location and address ?
  • Smarth Katyal Why you post without address? So many posts here dont have the address. Whats the point in posting then?
  • Shashank Aggarwal [189361,Smarth Katyal] - ummm... only if you would have taken pain of READING. But alas that is too much to expect these days.. :/
  • Smarth Katyal I did take the pain of reading. But only to be saddened by the fact that the only information that is given was the weird name of the restaurant "imli" which is located in Delhi, which has a radius of about 50 kms. Where in Delhi? [184492,Shashank Aggarwal] If you know the location, please do share.
  • Shashank Aggarwal [189361,Smarth Katyal] - First rule of online discussions- read the comments. But reading is not many people's favorite hobby.. ;-)

    Anyways I always assume readers to have some common sense - for eg if Imly is written and Delhi is written and restaurant is written - then how difficult is to get complete information about the same? ummm.. 3 seconds on a google search maybe.. :P
  • Smarth Katyal Hi, i had done that google search before hand, here are the results:
    First result if from bangalore, second is for a restaurant called "imli" and not "imly" third is of a zomato page which does not look similar to what the above photo shows. So in short there are multiple restaurants in the name of "imli" or "imly" in various locations of Delhi.

    And leave all this apart, the purpose of a review is to mention about food, restaurant location and other information to the readers. This post, completely fails at doing so. Only thing one can make out from this article is that imli restaurant(where ever that is) makes good pao bhaji at 85 Rs. How can one get to it? how can one make the most out of it? and other relevant information- Not provided.
  • Shashank Aggarwal [189361,Smarth Katyal] - and you want a 2 line post to be comprehensive review? Slow Clap! Go read Vir Sanghvi bro.. ;-)
  • Shashank Aggarwal and about the search - if you were not as smart as you think you are you would have tried 'imly delhi' too, which i went through the pain of doing for you - here is the link, check the first result..;-)

  • Vinay Bhutra http://www.imli.co.in/
  • DiKsha MiShra I read and myself post a lot of reviews. People look for the name of the restaurant and the location,prior to its price and general review.
    Its pointless to argue over ones writing style but we must try to collate the best info for our readers even in a small article.
    Anyways, I'll try out Imli soon... Yeah, at Rajender Nagar, Delhi ;]
  • Shashank Aggarwal Its not about argument, however its about once style. I do like my readers to work for their food. And yeah - I do expect people to use some common sense and a bit of google.. :)
  • Shashank Aggarwal And if they are not smart enough to understand it, then they should be polite enough to ask for it.
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