Puchka shots at #Molecule
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  • Shashank Aggarwal I can see two colored water and that cooker is so cute. what exactly is in that? Oh btw.. is it alcoholic dish? :P
  • Kriti Bro it's kickass! Non alcoholic it is! 
    Test tubes have puchkey ka paani and the injection is loaded with Imly chutney. Inject some chutney in the puchka put some Choley and allu from the cooker add some chatpata paani and your puchka is ready to be gobbled down! Rest of the paani from the test tube is gulped down as a shot ;)
  • Shashank Aggarwal Should be fun. But as cute as the cooker cooks might not be too convinient to handle for chhole.. :P
  • Sunaina Chhabra Wow .. this one's look so amazing and an innovative way of enjoying the puchkas ... 😍😍
  • Richa Dhall Goel Bhaiii!! Innovation!😍
    All the very best [184533,Kriti]