Agra love yet again!!
Kachori Aalloo!!
  • Shashank Aggarwal This is amazing! need to drive all the way to agra one of these days, if for nothing else then just these beauties.. :)
  • Shovit singh You know I have spent a considerable time at Agra .... If you consume samosa , kachauri from any shop in the Agra city and even the famous one - deviram , u find it too spicy and extensive use of garam masala which is proved to be harsh on tongue and if u try same samosa and kachauri in DELHI u find it eatable and never try at Agra.
  • Shashank Aggarwal I would absolutely agree to that. Same trend is in Lucknow as well - everything is overloaded with spices - compared to Delhi for sure. Harsh on tounge yes, not for people who cannot handle their spices.