Bunta Bar : A Shootout
Adjoining the hub of nightlife of Delhi, there lies the hub of innovative fashion, Janpath, and adding onto the definition of the place is Bunta Bar. Quirky from the name itself, one thing the place stays true to, is the name Bunta itself!
With the name board, entrance adorned with Bunta Bottles, and Bunta Bottles also playing a major part in interiors as well, one thing that you sure won't miss is Bunta. The menu itself reinvents the way Bunta is consumed, their Pahua Cocktails showcase an innovation level that is hardly seen in the Delhi restaurant circles.
Now, a disclaimer, I have been a frequent visitor to the place, in no ways a regular and I don't get discounts or freebies at the place( though I always hope for one! :P )
Being brought up the punjabi way, Beverages are the first way I judge a place, while most places lack innovation, Bunta Bar is not short on it at all. Their Bunta cocktails are the way Buntas be adulting at this place, for regular people who are not Bunta fanatics, innovation doesn't fall short, the picture below showcases a whisky based cocktail "Whiskey Rose Mule Jar" where whiskey meets rose, it has a very different taste to it, while your sip would taste like a general whiskey mint cocktail, the aftertaste would be that of rose, a pleasant surprise! But sadly not I would order again.Apart from this, if you're looking for something potent, go try the Bunta LIIT, you will be LITT after just the one!
The best way to sample food is to order a sampler, and the way I did that was a wee bit different. With the drinks I ordered a "Chakhna Platter" , now this is something that you don't find on the menu, but it's there and it's like an amalgam of everything you liked with your drink, you have masala papad, bhelpuri , cheeselings, those spicy aloo wafers, all that stuff,most of all it's fun to eat. This was followed by the non veg platter, they give you an option of choosing four and we chose 4 non veg dishes to sample, to start of Chicken Gilafi Seekh, it would perhaps be the softest, most flavorful seekh you would ever have, Chicken 65 was good, medium spicy, the chef was playing for the audience. The other two chicken dishes were okay, I don't even remember what they were (probably a chicken tikka and a mutton seekh).
To follow them up we ordered Honey Chilli Potatoes and a Mutton Keema Pijja(Pizza). The honey chilli potatoes were crunchy, lacked the surprise that I was now expecting of the place and the pizza could've been avoided, there were dollops of cheese or yoghurt I am not really sure but they did not lend themselves positively to the mouthfeel and taste. The flavour profile was off. And I from my previous experience can say pizzas are something where the place fluctuates in quality a lot , my first visit, the pizza was good, my second it was one of the worst pizzas I have ever had, the third time( this time) improvement on the last time, still a lot to be improved.
I, in college, did a research, to find out the factors that influence a consumers mind to choose a particular restaurant and why do they choose to visit a restaurant again. While food quality was a primary factor, service and ambience came in a close second. In my recent trips I have found it difficult to have a place to sit upstairs( it's often closed or be opening soon) but I was not letting it go this time around and wanted to judge the experience on the terrace as well. But sadly it was closed at 5pm and not ready at 8pm. Now they ask people who wish to smoke , could smoke in the lift lobby, but that place is hot, suffocating and totally unwelcoming.
And as the sun got down, the music at the place got louder and by 8pm the music was so loud that people were shouting to be heard from across the table. Not the experience you want.
Also I would like to point out one thing, it's just something that happened that hurt me and my friends personally and nothing to do with this review, while we were sitting, the manager escorted a group of people (uncles and aunts) to a table next to us, one of them while calling for a waiter, whistled for him. Now that was degrading for the waiter and something that should not be let be, it was the managers responsibility to take a stand for the waiter which he never did.

Overall, if I were to rate Bunta Bar.. it would be a 3/5