Street Food
Found another #HiddenGem , rather Gems, yesterday. An authentic Litti Chokha with a good amount of flavourful chokha mixed with three types of chutneys, sprinkled with a dash of lime, masala and garnished with chopped onions. A paper napkin added before presenting the plate full of flavours. I enjoyed this for a princely sum of INR 20. Next was a plate of Kachori. Two Khasta Kachoris crumbled in a paper bowl followed by Aloo Subzi, some masala and garnished with chopped onions. Total loss for this flavourful delight was INR 10. Both these carts and few others were found just short of Arjangarh Metro Station on MG Road, Delhi. For INR 30, it was a meal full of #MagicofFlavours