Scrambled Eggs In Malaysia
The story of Scrambled Eggs : A few days ago, during our holidays in #Malaysia, I asked the Chef on the counter for #ScrambledEggs in breakfast. To my dismay, he sprinkled some oil in the pan, a ladle and a half of beaten eggs, few strokes of spatula here and there and transferred the heap on a plate. Hain, that’s it? Luckily, another gentleman asked for the same and I let him have it. A ran across to the milk counter, poured a bit of it in a cup, came back and asked him to do it again. As soon as he ladled the beaten eggs, I added the milk in it. He gave me a weird look. Reaching across his counter, picked up some salt and pepper and added too. Asked him to add a bit of grated cheese which he added reluctantly. He did his spatula chores and by the time the final thing came out, he was smiling and before handing over my plate, said thank you, smilingly. A breakfast salvaged to some extent.