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The Tech Teller, The Group of Brands with a Host of Services & hi-tech Digital Products.

Jagluck is a young, goal orientated, focused and value-based organization. We at Jagluck are bringing a brand-new wave in innovation, technology & knowledge.

Digital marketing Services, E-Learning Service, Web designing Services, Software Services, Healthcare Services

Lead the industries as a global conglomerate with World class brands. Will be the trend setter in the fields we work.
Create opportunities for all, improve millions of lives in the world by innovation, execution support & new technology.

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We have designed a complete marketplace for eLearning with value-based certification, fastest & best ways of test preparation, skill enhancement for finding jobs & enhancement of knowledge in handling business, personal grooming, jobs creation and support and many more. visit www.infotop.in

We have developed a robust support system to help special education network, the parents of especially abled children, make products available at cheap price which are meant for especially abled children, support free listing of psychologists & occupational therapy centers across India. visit www.yesomega.org

Self-help site for small business owners who can design their own website, own logos, own images for their social media marketing management and Search engine optimization for increasing traffic for their sites, which in turn gets them maximum leads within least time at a low cost. visit www.createlane.com

We are developing a robust system od network to help SMEs and freelancers to extract the best from the network and get maximum output from an all-in-one portal. Users will have a huge benefit by using the portal. Innovation and building network will be 2 best ways to improve millions of lives. visit www.cogoal.in